Self-Defence 101 teaches Kalah, Krav Maga, Integrated Combat Systems self-defence to people of all backgrounds regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, training background. Having been trained by some of the best self-defence instructors in the world we hope to impart our knowledge to those wanting to learn how to effectively protect themselves.


Here is what we offer:frontLogo

- Adult self-defence classes
- Kid's self-defence classes
- Group fitness sessions
- Personal training
- And much more!




‘Self-Defence101’ provides a service which specializes in Krav Maga self-defence to people of all backgrounds, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, training background. We supplement the training with Integrated Combat Systems, a close quarters combat method which complements Krav Maga nicely.

Our focus is affording the opportunity to all in the community to be able to train and become empowered primarily in the art of Krav Maga self-defence. No matter the training ability/background of the individual, whether a seasoned martial artist or a complete beginner EVERYONE is treated equally and EVERYONE is encouraged to succeed in their goals!

Whether you want to get fit and lose weight or you want to learn important life-saving skills to defend yourself and your loved ones or whether you simply want to train with like-minded people in a community-oriented environment, we have the answers right here at ‘Self-Defence 101’. We encourage a community spirit where everyone works together to reach their goals! It is our goal to meet your goals - 100% commitment from you, 100% commitment from us! 200% guaranteed!!

The difference with our training establishment compared to other Krav Maga/self-defence training facilities is:

- No fixed term memberships. Simply pay as you go! If you don't turn up, you don't have to pay!

- No obligation to buy or wear a club t-shirt or uniform. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable!

- No need to pay affiliation fees!! 

- An instructor who is not only certified but has first-hand experience in street confrontations through police/security experience!!

First week of training is FREE, yes that's right FREE!! No obligations.


Our motto is 'No egos! Stay humble!!'



Profile JoeJoe Tuilua:

Joe’s Experience/Qualifications:


Certified Krav Maga Civilian self-defence instructor
Certified Krav Maga Law Enforcement instructor
Certified Krav Maga Kid's self-defence instructor
Certified Integrated Combat Systems Level 8 self-defence instructor (Expert Instructor)
Raw Combat International Level 1 Silat trainer
Nearly 20 years boxing training experience (fought as amateur boxer)
Experience Jujitsu/Silat


7 Years policing experience (NZ Police)
Certified Close Protection Operative (Bodyguard/VIP Protection) (City & Guilds UK)
Certified Conflict Management (City & Guilds UK)

Certified Security Management Professional Level 6 Diploma (UK)
Loss Prevention Qualified certification (US)
COA Security Licence (NZ)
Hostile Environment Trained (NZ)

Extensive security experience in NZ/UK: (Hospitality, Hotel, Events, Construction, Community, Retail, Supply Chain, Loss Prevention, Corporate, Security Management and Consultancy)

Member - International Security Management Institute (UK)
Member - Loss Prevention Foundation (US)


Certified Teacher in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)
Toa Programme Founder/Instructor


Certified Fitness and personal trainer
Certified HKC Kettlebell Instructor
Advanced Diploma in Sports and Exercise Nutrition


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