All members and instructors will behave in a manner that brings honour and respect to themselves and Self-Defence 101.

1.1. All members and instructors will train with commitment and respect to each other.
1.2. All members and instructors will behave as upstanding citizens of their community.
1.3. All members and instructors will obey the laws of New Zealand.
1.4. All members and instructors are encouraged to train in a variety of self-defence, fighting systems and fitness programs so that they can be broad-minded and comprehensively prepared.
1.5. When in danger, all members and instructors will do their best to resolve the situation peacefully, and will respond with force to protect themselves and their loved ones only when necessary.
1.6. All instructors will maintain respectful and professional relationships with their students, upholding the highest standard of ethics and recognizing the inherent position of power and authority that they have with students.
1.7. All instructors will maintain a professional courtesy and respect to each other and act in a way that is collaborative and cooperative, rather than competitive. We encourage healthy competition, but not competitive tactics that undermine the professionalism and reputation of other instructors.
1.8. It is forbidden to train people or organisations that have criminal affiliations or are enemies of the State of Israel.