Profile JoeWhilst living in the United Kingdom in 2005 Joe was involved in an altercation in London whereby a close friend was stabbed multiple times. This experience led Joe to discover Krav Maga and it is then that he committed himself to this self-defence system in addition to other systems.

He served in the New Zealand Police working in the district of Counties-Manukau in a variety of roles including; frontline policing, investigations (Enquiries and Tactical Crime Unit), community policing, airport policing and the team policing unit (riot police).

Joe is certfied as a Krav Maga Civilian Instructor, Krav Maga Kid’s Instructor and is currently New Zealand's only qualified Krav Maga Law Enforcement instructor. He trained under Krav Maga Israeli experts in Amnon Darsa and Haim Sasson to receive these certifications.  He is also certified as a Level 8 instructor in Integrated Combat Systems, a close quarters combat system, headed by Peter Sciarra and has trained in other self-defence systems to supplement his knowledge in Krav Maga.

Joe has years of experience working in the security industry both in Auckland, New Zealand and in the United Kingdom. Trained and internationally certified as a close protection operative (bodyguard) he is able to use his skills and knowledge to plan for the protection of a principal.

Joe is also a qualified fitness and personal trainer. Being a lifelong fitness and sports enthusiast he has been involved in competitive basketball, boxing and rugby and has had over 15 years experience in boxing training and in the martial arts of Jujitsu and Silat before committing to Krav Maga and Integrated Combat Systems as  his self-defence systems of choice over others through personal experience and practicality.

Joe has trained members of the NZ police, NZ customs, corrections, mental health workers, social workers, security operatives and CEOs in self-defence along with individuals of the public. He is particularly fond of teaching children and seeing them develop their skills over time.

Joe continues to train and upskill to this day in not only Krav Maga and Integrated Combat Systems but also in fitness as well. He considers himself a 'student' of self-defence and is always upskilling in all aspects of self-defence from a variety of sources. It is a passion he desires to share with anyone keen to learn.

Joe’s Experience/Qualifications:


Certified Krav Maga Civilian self-defence instructor
Certified Krav Maga Law Enforcement instructor
Certified Krav Maga Kid's self-defence instructor
Certified Integrated Combat Systems Level 8 self-defence instructor (expert level)
Raw Combat International Level 1 Silat trainer
15 years plus boxing training experience (fought as an amateur boxer)
Experience in Jujitsu/Silat


7 years policing experience (NZ Police)
City and Guilds certified Close Protection Operative (Bodyguard/VIP protection)
City and Guilds certified Conflict Management
Hostile environment trained
COA security licence

Security Programme Instructor
Extensive experience in security NZ/UK (Hospitality, Events, Construction, Retail, Supply Chain, Loss Prevention, Corporate, Government, Community, Security Consulting)


Certified fitness and personal trainer
Certified HKC Kettlebell instructor
Certified Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor

Other training:

Todd Group Close Quarters Combat phase 1 participant
Combat Krav Maga six day intensive training participant. (Graded to Level 10 – final level)
Certified Teacher in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)