Anyone from 16 years upwards can participate in weekly adult classes in our self-defence system. Classes are run in terms and at the end of each term those students who are competent enough to grade will be tested at the level at which they are currently at.

You will be well-supported in your learning and encouraged to succeed as much as possible! We do everything to ensure you are provided with the best learning.

No matter the training ability/background of the individual, whether a seasoned martial artist or a complete beginner EVERYONE is treated equally in a supportive environment where EVERYONE is encouraged to succeed in their goals! Whether you want to get fit and lose weight or you want to learn important life-saving skills to defend yourself and your loved ones or whether you simply want to train with like-minded people in a community-oriented environment, we have the answers right here at ‘Self-Defence 101’.

We encourage a community spirit where everyone works together to reach their goals! It is our goal to meet your goals - 100% commitment from you, 100% commitment from us! 200% guaranteed!!

No egos! Stay humble!!

What you will learn:

We teach the basics of self-defence including:

  • Avoidance, prevention, de-escalation, self-defence and escape techniques
  • Use of common objects for self-defence
  • Hand and leg attacks/defences
  • Defences against impact weapons, knives, guns
  • Releases from all sorts of holds and grabs
  • Ground defences
  • Defences against multiple attackers

What to expect in a typical class:

Warm Up:
This will include some light cardiovascular exercise, joint mobility exercises, dynamic stretching, power exercises and a game to prepare for the upcoming lesson.

The instructor will explain the theme of the class and introduce techniques to be covered. They will be demonstrated several times at full speed, slow motion, and broken down to their key components. Students will then get the opportunity to practice the technique on their own before practicing with a partner. The students will then  practice the techniques in as realistic a setting as possible in a safe but challenging environment.

Warm down:
If time permits a light warm down will be conducted to prevent/reduce muscle soreness as much as possible

What to expect in a Grading:

When a student has met the minimum training time required of a grade and is competent in the techniques of that particular level they are encouraged to participate in a grading to test their competence.

Tests will typically follow six parts as outlined below:

Part 1: technical examination of the curriculum techniques for the rank being tested
Part 2: technical examination of the curriculum techniques for the previous ranks
Part 3: tactical examination for defences against unknown attacks against a single attacker
Part 4: tactical examination for defences against a variety of multiple attacker and simulated attacks
Part 5: fighting skills examination
Part 6: fitness examination

Students who successfully pass their grading will receive a diploma and rank patch and have their Membership Portfolio updated by the testing instructor.

A Practitioner level grading will typically last anywhere from 1 to 2 hours.
Graduate level gradings have no time limit.



Weekly Classes

For adult classes you pay in weekly instalments of $10 a week either by cash or automatic payment. (Please check our pricing section for bank account details for the automatic payment options)

Casual Rates:

If you would like to try out a class during the term to see what it is like you are most welcome to join in for $10 a session. Please contact Self-Defence 101 well in advance prior to a preferred session of your choice.




Weymouth Cosmopolitan Sports Club

151 Sykes Rooad




St Josephs Primary School Hall

125 Church Street, Onehunga





Mon: Weymouth Cosmopolitan Sports Club (151 Sykes Road) (6.30 - 8.00pm) All levels


Wed: St Joseph's Primary School Hall (125 Church Street, Onehunga)

6.00 - 7.30pm: All levels


$10/week paid by cash or automatic payment to bank account: 06-0541-0491711-00

$10/casual session


20-24 weeks/term (approx)


MANUREWA: Mondays 6.30 - 8.00pm

ONEHUNGA: Wednesdays 6.00 - 7.30pm