Personal trainingSelf-Defence 101 provides personal training in several capacities. This is what we offer:

  • Self-Defence personal training ($70/hour)
  • Self-Defence group training (3 or more in a group %10 discount for each person)
  • Self-Defence corporate training (options to be discussed)
  • Fitness personal training ($50 per person/hour)
  • Group fitness training ($59 for 8 week programme)

If you or a group of friends/work colleagues feel like you need to be personally motivated and trained by us then please contact us below! At a location of your convenience whether it be at home, a park, or work place we are happy to discuss what options are best suited to help you achieve your goals.

Fitness personal training includes; health and lifestyle screening, fitness goal setting, nutrition advice, skinfold measurements, blood pressure testing, fitness testing, fitness programme development and management.

You owe it to yourself to reach your goals! We can help you to achieve them! Commitment by you plus commitment by us = ultimate results!!