If your employees have to deal with aggressive customers on a regular basis we are able to provide a tailored programme to suit the needs of your business and its employees.

Nothing matters more to your business than looking after your employees so why not offer them some quality training to protect themselves.

Firstly, it aims to empower employees with the communication skills to be able to handle potentially hostile people.

Secondly, if the situation escalates to potential physical violence Self-Defence 101 is able to train employees with self-defence tactics to protect themselves in these sorts of situations.

The training provided covers the following material:

1 Conflict Management Training:

  • Classification of different types of people
  • Tactical language
  • The communication process
  • Four keys to good listening
  • Five steps in dealing with difficult people
  • Keys to influencing people


2 Self-Defence Training:

  • Law of self-defence
  • Steps in a self-defence situation
  • Pre-assault cues
  • Vital and vulnerable body targets
  • Self-defence techniques (role specific)


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